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Check and fix all sensitive areas of your OS to improve its performance
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Uninstall unnecessary apps, scan disks and the Windows registry in search of inconsistencies and threats, manage your system’s startup, look for duplicate files, or check that your privacy is not compromised in any way are some of the features that offer you to keep your computer clean and fully operational at all times.

This all-in-one utility not only comes with tools of its own, but it will also provide you with direct access to some of the most common Windows management tools, such as the disk defragmenter, the Control Panel, Windows Defender, System Restore, etc. Though presented in a clear and easy-to-navigate interface, this tool is not for everyone. Some of the functions provided should be used by professional IT managers only, as clearly states in some of its features. It deals with sensitive areas, such as the Windows Registry, the file system, and the network settings, so think twice before performing one of its various bulk erasing tasks, for instance. Note that you will need administrator rights to perform some of the tasks provided.

Designed as a complement to the management features that come with your Windows OS, some of its tools enhance or complete already-available management tasks. Others, however, fill a gap that Windows keeps ignoring version after version – house-cleaning routines. Assuming that nobody knows Windows better than Microsoft, and acknowledging that meddling with it has its risks, it’s still beyond me why Microsoft hasn’t come up with its own set of cleaning tools or – even better – with code that doesn’t leave useless, temporary, and junk files behind. Thus, Clean Uninstaller removes all residual files and monitors all changes made during installation processes, Scan Files looks for and removes junk and obsolete files, Dup Files helps you locate and remove unnecessary copies of files, Scan Shortcuts removes dead shortcuts, while Scan Registry manages all unused entries and broken references.

Startup Manager, Your Privacy, RAM Memory Booster, and File Shredder fill another set of important and historic gaps. Respectively, they allow you to manage, delay, or remove apps that launch at Windows startup; to keep your sensitive information secure; to optimize the RAM usage, releasing it when required; and to delete any sensitive data in a secure and irrecoverable manner. Other tools include Tweak UI, Net Tweaker, or IE Favorites, which will allow you to customize the way you use your computer and your network connections. comes in three flavors – Classic, Professional, and Premium. Classic is a lite version with half the functionality that you’ll find in the other two, but the difference between the Professional edition and this Premium edition is so small that one can’t keep thinking if the addition of a duplicate finder is worth the price difference. Either way, if only to have all your management routines always at hand in one single app, is a one-stop shop that’s worth trying.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Windows 10 UI tweaks
  • Provides direct access to Windows management tools
  • Duplicate files finder
  • PC health status report


  • More expensive than the Professional edition despite the minor differences
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